SYNEX Logistics celebrates its first anniversary

26 June 2023, 18:55
SYNEX Logistics celebrates its first anniversary

March 2022. Kyiv. The people are united by a common goal and complex challenges. A group of enthusiastic business owners is sitting at the table to find ways of helping the country and population during these difficult times.

That was the origin of SYNEX Logistics project, which became a part of Eclectic Talents Group, an ecosystem of the outsourcing business. This was our team’s rapid response to Ukraine’s flexible logistics needs.

Thanks to motivated people, professional expertise and 15 years of experience of working with warehouses, it took us only a couple of months to turn plans into actions. And in just one year, we have managed to develop a reliable and efficient logistics network that became a core part for many partners and customers.

The company’s key operating principles transformed into a slogan “Always around”. On the one hand, we incorporate flexibility, dynamic and modern approach, and on the other hand, responsibility, rationality and wisdom. And these are not just words but values that drive us forward.

How did it all start?

The company’s difficult yet interesting journey began with a complex challenge that really inspired and united the team. On June 17, 2022, SYNEX Logistics got a request from PJSC Artwinery, one of the largest sparkling wines producers in Ukraine and the Eastern Europe.

The project was complicated: the task involved evacuation of their products from Bakhmut, which was already under shelling at that time, and moving it to Dnipro. We accepted the challenge. This became the starting point of our activities.

SYNEX Logistics – 1 year of victories and growth

In the business world, one year may seem like a drop in the ocean, but in terms of a young company operating during wartime, this is quite an achievement. Over the past 365 days, we have faced a lot of issues and managed not only to survive but reach sustainable growth and increase operating capacities.

The core of our services consists of:

● Transport logistics: international and domestic road transportations.

● Multimodal logistics: maritime, air and rail container transportations.

● Dealing with oversized cargo.

● Customs brokerage services.

Each type of services allows us to satisfy various needs of our customers, offering reliable and comprehensive logistics solutions.

We care for your trust

On our first anniversary, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to each of our customers, partners and everyone who provided us with their support throughout this tough year. We appreciate your trust and believe in our further fruitful cooperation. Despite all the challenges, it was a year of great efforts and important achievements! Success of your projects has become our most valuable asset.

We are already working with a number of industries, including manufacturing, non-profit sector, agriculture, retail, and other efficient sectors. Moreover, we are preparing even more reliable and innovative solutions that will help Ukrainian companies to achieve their goals.

Thank you for choosing SYNEX Logistics. Let’s build the logistics future without borders together!

26 June 2023, 18:55